Develop your business and enjoy a balanced work-family life

Especially for starters and medior business moms, we have created personal - and life development courses to help you to be financially independent and build a successful business.

Guiding and making it possible for you to get in the position where you no longer need to choose between your ambitions and your family.

We offer practical online courses that will help you through your business journey. We coach, educate, and train entrepreneurial mothers to grow their successful business on a strong and solid foundation. We help you to reach your highest potentials as a Business Mom. In this way, you become an influential role model for other women as well.

In the Campus we help you to focus on these points of improvement:

Business Health | Business Leadership | Mindset & Lifestyle

Let's build your business, together!


  • To develop your talents professionally | To build a systemized business
  • How to be financially independent | To balance your family and business lifestyle


  • Separate courses that you can join for free
  • Premium courses to get you to your next level
  • Course bundles to give you more value for less investment
  • A one year membership so you have our support for 12 months
  • Our courses are in a smart sequence to help you every step on your way.
  • We will help you make progress through our systemized campus


  • Clarity in your next steps | Insights into your business journey
  • Access to valuable knowledge | It’s online and available 24/7
  • Courses are available both in Dutch and English*
  • Mail support with the trainer
  • Our trainers are worldclass men and women entrepreneurs
  • Each course is developed based on life experiences and knowledge
  • Our courses are highly qualified to implement in excisting companies or Startup businesses

We educate talented Business Moms around the world. Learn and inspire thousands entrepreneurs how growing your business works! All courses are 24/7 accessible. Interested?

Start with a Free course like '5 super tips to increase your cash flow' and experience by yourself the first steps to success when you start using these free tips in your company!

* Don't forget! You can only log in to a course or in your student area when you are registered.

If you are not registered yet, you can do it here.

*Our program is a proven process for solving particular challenges in a business mom lifestyle like financial worries, work-life balance, how to grow a business, organize a team to support you, and more. It is all created for you to implement quickly into your personal -, family lifestyle and business development journey. Our course 'Become a successful business mom' is entirely in Dutch now. We will soon announce the launch of the English version. Be the first to know! Interested? Subscribe here:

Hi there! I'm Ichel Heerschop

Founder, serial entrepreneur, and Trainer here at

I founded Business Mom International in 2016. Business Mom Campus is where I share all the knowledge I gathered during my entrepreneurial journey. I guide you in how to combine your business and maintain a happy family lifestyle while growing a healthy business. I've been coaching and training women, mothers, families, youth for more than two decades now. I have been building a big network of specialized coaches and trainers, both local as globally. All of it makes it possible for me today to join forces with world-class trainers and entrepreneurs to serve you the best.

Are you ready to start the journey? Join me!